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Bunny Chow - Immaculate Bites

Bunny Chow – deliciously tasty South African Street food with made with aromatic spices, meat, chickpeas and potatoes served in hollow bread. A one-of-a-kind sandwich! With winter in full swing, you can’t have enough comforting meals in your arsenal. I mean, think about it, why would want to make the same thing over and ... View More

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Bunny Chow

From the title, you might be thinking I'm sharing how to make food for rabbits, but no, Bunny Chow is a South African street food created by the Durban Indian community. I learned how to

Bunny Chow - South African Street Food (basically curry in a loaf of bread)

Bunny chow - South Africa's own street food - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

Bunny Chow - South African Street Food (basically curry in a loaf of bread)

Celebrate the flavours of South Africa with a Bunny Chow

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Just recently, the Franschhoek Valley played host to the Délice Network of Good Food Cities, that as one of its aims, try to promote food tourism. Food tourism is one of the latest tourism trends and

New-style Bunny Chow Recipe by Reza Mahammad

New-style Bunny Chow

Reza's take on a South African classic with lamb in pickling spices and brioche.

Bunny Chow - A bowl of hollowed-out bread is the hallmark of this popular South African take-out dish that’s commonly stuffed with a spicy curry. Pair it with a glass of Pinotage to elevate the dish from fast-food classic to sophisticated fare......

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It’s not easy to find a wine that can stand up to the full-bodied flavours of a rich curry dish, but South Africa’s uniquely-flavoured Pinotage can do just that. The deep red wine tinged with spicy notes of tobacco and fruity undertones of cherry, raspberry and banana, is the ideal match for a hot curry, spicy barbecue, or robust meat dishes. It’s no coincidence that these bold flavours are a mainstay of South African cuisine. Here are 10 rich, complex South African dishes that are begging…

Bacon, egg and cheese bunny chow. Best hangover food!

Bacon and egg bunny chow

Pre-heat your oven to 180°C. Cut the top off and hollow out each bread roll Place a few sprigs of