Marius Stols Jnr

Marius Stols Jnr

Marius Stols Jnr
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I want to help!

Man's best friend doing what he does best: helping man get through unfortunate situations lol

When kids are smarter than their teachers

What was this teacher even thinking remotely? Like I cant even think of a correct answer - and ive taken about 3 geography classes - what the heck teacher? Giving all teachers a bad name!

Nature's alarm clock

This is definitely a Golden Retriever-Thing! lol (Good morning, I'm just gonna wag my tail against noisy stuff until you wake up. because I love you)

Too much feels!

Guy Skyped with his dog after not seeing him in 5 months, and received this picture from his mom after they disconnected. Dogs are the only animals that love their owner more than sweet. *Be still my heart*

Finally - Grammar Nazis.

Pardon the swear word, but it's true and I laughed when I read them aloud. - The Grammar Nazis have finally snapped. And that's Nazis, not 'Nazi's'.

I hate NCIS but my friend Culleen loves this.  Gibbs is a legend. 42 muscles to frown. Mmm Rule 42: "Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you"

It takes 42 muscles to frown when you're upset, but it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and Gibbs-slap the idiot who upset you on the back of the head!