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Tips to renovate your home by saving money

Three modern house designs we love.
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Four stylish bathroom renovation ideas | WindowArt

Just about every guest you invite into your home visits your bathroom. As such, you really don’t want it to be an embarrassment. It should be sufficiently private, clean and well-lit and should exude functional style. No one will care about your Egyptian cotton collection of towels and washcloths if your bathroom is messy, uncomfortable, dark and dank. We have compiled a list of four bathroom renovation ideas that will guide you to creating a stylish setting.

How to pick the right window frosting designs | WindowArt

If you have a flair for interior design, choosing window frosting designs to suit your décor scheme will come easily to you. However, if you aren’t sure what kind of window frosting designs you’d like, help is at hand. We’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you choose the best decal design for you.

Use window film to reduce heat and save money | WindowArt

Architectural glass comes with many great benefits. Big windows fill your home or office with natural light. Glass stacking doors connect the indoors with the outdoors in a functional yet stylish way. Windows and glass walls allow us to enjoy beautiful views.

Don’t make these common mistakes when renovating your home | WindowArt

Renovation mistakes won’t just set your project back time-wise; they can be extremely costly, too. Luckily, when it comes to renovating your home, every mistake under the sun has been made a million times before. While this is unfortunate for the hapless renovators who had to learn the hard way, you can avoid falling into the same traps by learning from their mistakes.

Five things to think about before you design your own house | WindowArt

The decision to design your own house is incredibly exciting – this is your opportunity to create your dream home!

Before you start designing your new house, read this.

Five things to think about before you design your own house | WindowArt

The decision to design your own house is incredibly exciting – this is your opportunity to create your dream home!

What’s your favourite eco-friendly home renovation tip?

Five eco-friendly ideas for your house renovations | WindowArt

Incorporating eco-friendly innovations into your house renovation plans isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your home’s resale value, too.

With so many window covering options, which one is best for you?

Top tips on choosing window coverings | WindowArt

Window coverings include roller blinds, curtains, shutters, frosted window vinyl and more. They serve both practical and decorative functions; managing sunlight and providing privacy from neighbours while serving as essential décor elements.

Frosted vinyl in the form of clean, elegant lines adds sophistication to this home

Understated window decals sophisticate sliding doors | WindowArt

In areas where there is no need for privacy or UV protection, understated window decals can be used as a purely decorative element.

There are many benefits to installing heat reducing window film in the office

Heat reducing window film improves the work environment | WindowArt

One of the great benefits of frosted window vinyl is that it helps with temperature control. It does this by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. Because frosted window vinyl is able to insulate windows and glass doors in this way, it is often referred to as heat reducing window film.

What’s your top tip for budget home renovations?

Five home renovation ideas that won’t break the bank | WindowArt

Whether you’re tackling a full-scale home renovation project or just planning one or two small updates around the house, we’ve come up with a few home renovation ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg.