My heritage. Africa runs through my blood and makes my heart beat.

Mother Africa running through my soul lives.

South Africa

Jesus loves the little children - all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

South Africa.

Eg Afrikaans/ afrikaanse woorde/ Net Afrikaans/ Lekker

Africa in Words wall sticker - Vinyl Art SA

Jesus is missing there! Africa in Words wall sticker - Vinyl Art SA

What to Eat in South Africa: Famous South African Foods | South Africa Travel Guide

Typical South African "braai" - men were more concentrating on the beer than the food coz some are charcoaled and some still raw, haha!

South African expressions.

It also aptly describes our desperation with Eskom.

Fact… The the Viking blood as well….

I actually learned this after hearing enough pre-game national anthems.  Incredible lyrics that people should live by.

Sal dit moet leer Ken dit na 20 jaar nie

God willing I will be able to experience what he meant.

Africa -- I want / need this as a tattoo.

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XX Volunteer with Via Volunteers and have a Braai! (BBQ)

Braai is a word that describes the commonly practiced tradition of a barbecue in South Africa. Often times, Braiis will be conducted pot-luck style, and every attendee will bring food for the group.

South African Languages

South Africa has 11 Official Languages, soon to be 12 as South African Sign Language receives the recognition it deserves.

South African Languages: Breaking the ice with isiTalk | Pulling Rabbits Creative Studio Cape Town

South African Languages: Breaking the ice with isiTalk

Pictures of South Africas People: Afrikaner Rugby Fan

South African Rugby fan, with little springbok on the hat. The South African national rugby team is called: 'The Springboks'