Whales are my spirit animals but sometimes dolphins show up in my dreams too
26 Pins
a humpback whale is swimming in the ocean with seagulls flying around
Blue Whale!
a large white animal floating on top of the ocean next to a body of water
yung,dumb and microwavable
White whale
three different types of whales are shown in this drawing from the early nineteenth's
Mythology of Blue
a painting of a whale in the water with a small fish on it's back
Whale Watching: Latest Animal Motif Trend
Whale, whale, whale...
several different types of sea animals in watercolor
an image of a whale floating in the sky with people on it's back
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a painting of a ship floating on top of a whale's head in the ocean
Jen Lobo KNOW Exhibition Interview
an animal pattern is shown in blue and white, with black animals on the background
wallpaper! #patterns