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morning! amazing city...

South Africa continues to excel as a prime tourist destination. Several local hospitality and tourist attraction have received accolades at the World Responsible Tourism Awards held in the UK.

On Top of The World - Cape Town, South Africa

-Hiked this- Cape Town, South Africa.Cape Town is beautiful.This is Table Mountain, the view is exquisite. Robben Island was very emotional.I loved South Africa!

we live! here - Cape Town, #SouthAfrica

And yet another amazing view of Cape Town,South Africa (Cape Town,Sudáfrica).I can't express the extent to which I long to see this again in person one day

Henry and June directed by Philip Kaufman (loosely based on the novel written by Anaïs Nin) Starring Fred Ward, Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros

Philip Kaufman ("The Right Stuff") (with wife Rose) adapts Anais Nin: The author interacts with Henry Miller (Fred Ward) and his wife June (Uma Thurman). Rated because X was too pornographic. By now even that is considered porn.