Willem Ackermann

Willem Ackermann

Willem Ackermann
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I call SHOTGUN! This kicks like a mother This is a easy to concealed than a shotgun these will breach any reagular door lock

Smith & Wesson S&W 686 .357 7-shot

Smith & Wesson S&W 686 I do like the S&W 7 shooter - Everyone I ever shot was smooth

Smith  Wesson handguns

Smith & Wesson handguns buy me one, iʻll love you


Glock Beretta Colt Walther Colt peace maker, among others. Somebody has a nice collection.

Colt Pattersons:

The Colt Paterson was one of the first practical revolvers manufactured by Samuel Colt.

sentry gun turret from http://www.aimbotkit.com/

Security camera scanner and fires at random objects that move

Drool worthy gun!! @gunsdaily

Colt 1911 Custom David Riccardo Engraved Edition with Gold Accents.