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Wichard Cilliers
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"Some companies, often supported by dishonest officials, are using unethical tax avoidance, transfer pricing and anonymous company ownership to maximise their profits, while millions of Africans go without adequate nutrition, health and education" - Kofi Annan

Infographic: Africa’s natural resource wealth Newly released Africa Progress Report says some foreign companies are avoiding taxes when they exploit resources. Last Modified: 10 May 2013 Foreign companies are involved with “unconscionable”.

Dubai has smashed lots of records in the past 10 years a few being the tallest building, biggest marina, biggest mall to name a few! The infographic shown goes into more detail about the wonderful city and all its accomplishments..

Incredible Dubai: Dubai is a fantastic place to live, work and bring up a family. This infographic presents 10 amazing facts about Dubai, UAE.

Gallery: Title celebrations - Official Manchester United Website

Robin van Persie holds his No 20 shirt aloft in the changing room in celebration of Manchester United's top-flight title