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Vanessa White
Las Tumbas, Costa Rica / Love life to its fullest, creating the path to sustainable living, un schooling, self employment, contentment.
Vanessa White
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This low carb bread bun is a quick and easy bread solution for those looking for something low carb or gluten-free. There is no wheat flour and the bread is sturdy enough to use for sandwiches, burgers and more.

These low carb bread buns don’t contain any wheat flour but have a texture and appearance that is very similar to traditional wheat flour breads.


Homeowners looking to add some vintage appeal to their interior decor are in luck, because these rustic wood furniture and decor pieces has everything you need to add that old school charm to your …

vintage memory jars

You will need mason jar, vegetable oil, optional dried flower & black & white picture. Place picture & flower in jar. Pour in enough oil to cover the picture & tighten the jar lid. The oil will suspend the picture & give it an aged, vintage effect

How To Get The Most From Your Tomato Plants This Year!

To put it simply – soil is to vegetable plants what food is to humans. With little or no food – human become sick and would eventually perish. The same goes for those tomato and pepper plants in your garden!