Ndebele woman, South Africa

Ndebele Woman, South Africa via Kathy Whitley

Zulu traditional wear inspired white wedding gown

Zulu traditional wear i nspired white wedding gown

On a beach in South Africa

sign on Jabula beach South Africa pretty much sums up what my parents relied to me about life.

Modern Zulu girl in Zulu traditional outfit

Modern Zulu girl in Zulu traditional outfit

Ndebele, Southern Africa Our Africa!

Ndebele Photo: Since Margaret Courtney-Clarke An Art, A Photographer, and Apartheid by David Goldblatt

[Africanism explained!] ", deeply #Africa" #africansoul #africanculture

Maybe it's a weird thing to feel but sometimes I feel a bit African and this quote makes it make sense!

ShweShwe - a much loved fabric made in South Africa, which has its roots in traditional indigo cloth, used by French designer Agnès B in her 2014 Spring-Summer collection.

afrikani: ShweShwe - a much loved fabric made in South Africa ~ African Style

Beaded dolls from Durban, South Africa. BelAfrique - your personal travel planner -

Beaded dolls from Durban wearing Zulu garb - South African Design.

Ref. 1035 - Vuvuzelas - Beaded

Beaded Vuvuzelas (Tswana: lepatata Mambu) used at football matches in South Africa.

Beloved Continent

Feel the rhythm of Africa at one of Vusi Mahlasela's upcoming concerts.

African print wedding dress.  Taken from Africa Fashion Week (New York) on Facebook.

The Avant-Garde Ethnic Wedding Dress

Amarula - South Africa!

Marula Oil, obtained from the butter-yellow mango-like fruit of a southern African tree, is nourishing, hydrating, and naturally softens and revitalizes the skin.

South Africa

Caribbean Goddess, rockin the flags of: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad :)

Proteas in 'n Ouma-beskuitblik.

Proteas in Ouma Beskuit Tin

Wimpy lime milkshake/Durban, South Africa

Wimpy lime milkshake, South Africa - my absolute No 1 flavour.