Grandma's Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding and Vanilla Sauce.

grandma's old-fashioned bread pudding with vanilla sauce. easy to do!- Vanilla sauce is delicious and the pudding is okay but i would use croissants instead of white bread

Cape Malay Chicken Curry

The addition of canned tomatoes along with other pices bring a nice tang to this unique Cape Malay Chicken Curry recipe. This is a mildly spicy curry for everyone.

Begin your exploration of South African food with this easy to follow list of foods and recipes.

Top 10 South African Foods to Try

From chakalaka to biltong, we have delved into the life of food from Mzansi, the Rainbow Nation, and have come up with this incredible list of top 10 South African foods to try.

South African

Vetkoek The English have Yorkshire Pudding and the South Africans have Vetkoek! Fill it with mincemeat, cheese or any thing else that comes to hand.

We recommend you choose wisely. (Soweto Market, Johannesburg)

Weeks worth of groceries.Soweto market, South africa Seriously, my family has and can consume this in a week and feel great

lamsosaties SARIE

These were the winning entry in our kerrie-sosaties competition, won by Gerrie du Toit from Vereeniging