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an outdoor bar with chairs and lights on the outside, next to a small pond
Alfresco Dining Anytime: 59 Covered Outdoor Kitchens for 2024
Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine with these weather-proof kitchen designs featuring stylish integrated covers, awnings, pergolas and patios.
an outdoor dining area with potted plants and flowers on the table, surrounded by greenery
Outdoor Tuscan Patio: Bringing the Charm of Tuscany to Your Backyard
Outdoor Tuscan Patio: Bringing the Charm of Tuscany to Your Backyard - Puqqu
an outdoor kitchen with wooden floors and cabinets
59 Warm Wood Outdoor Kitchens for Natural 2024 Style
Bring the cozy cabin vibes outside with these beautiful wood-centric outdoor kitchen design ideas perfect for rustic homes.
a fire pit sitting on top of a wooden floor next to couches and tables
80 Beautifully Designed Backyards to Inspire Your 2024 Reimagination
Whether you crave a Balinese tranquility zone or Spanish courtyard entertaining paradise, these 80 high-style backyards deliver beautiful ideas spanning materials, amenities and beyond.
an outdoor bar with stools and lights in the snow covered area, surrounded by trees
an outdoor kitchen with stone counter tops and grill
Next-Level DIY Grilling: 59 Budget Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Decked Out Grill Stations in 2024
Elevate your DIY backyard grilling on any budget with savvy small space design solutions! Discover storage, surfaces, seating and more grill station essentials.
an outdoor area with rocks, plants and wood slats on the side of it
Top 50 Best Privacy Fence Ideas - Shielded Backyard Designs
a wooden walkway made out of pallets in the garden
Pretty DIY Garden Path + Walkway Ideas
a wooden fence with metal bars on the top and bottom, in front of palm trees
DIY fence and gate plans: Featuring wild hog black metal railing panels
two hanging chairs in front of a fire pit
Hanging Egg Chair Firepit