You must pay attention to what you eat if you want to shed that extra weight and get in shape.

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3 ingredient cheesecake

Works and is yumo. yogurt mixed with one tin condensed milk. Crush packet of biscuits and pour crumbs in a microwave proof container. I used glass. Pour the yogurt mixture on top of crumbs. Microwave for 5 min.

Hier’s die 5 gewildste resepte wat op ons webblad verskyn het... kan jy raai wat is nommer 1?

se 5 gewildste resepte van 2016

Pizza Braaibroodjie - Pizza wat jy braai op die vuur soos ’n braaibroodjie?

Isn’t it funny what you miss from home?  When the first wave of South Africans came over to London after we were welcomed back into the Commonwealth, suitcases were stuffed full of Mrs Ball’s chutney, rooibos tea and illicit biltong.  Now all of these things are available at many mainstream supermarkets (which is either a …

Snoek: scrumptious, sustainable - and sold in Milton Keynes

Snoek is the local name for a species of pike that inhabits the waters around the South African coast. The flesh is firm and succulent, Delicious cooked on hot coals or smoked.