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two patriotic gnomes sitting on top of a tree stump
Patriotic 4th of July Gnomes Uncle Sam Tomte for American Independence Day Gift Stars and Stripes Nisse Handmade Scandinavian Elf Dwarf Home Household Ornaments Kitchen Tiered Tray Decorations
PRICES MAY VARY. 🎆 ADORABLE PATRIOTIC DECORATIONS - In folklore, the gnomes brings good luck to families and is regarded as good luck. Add holiday charm to your American President Election Decoration/Veterans Day /4th of July/American Independence Day/Memorial Day home decorations with these adorable Swedish tomtes. ⭐ PREMIUM QUALITY & HANDCRAFTED - Our 4th of July Patriotic Gnomes are made of soft felt, plush nose, fiber white beard, and tall hat for posing. The sand at the bottom of each gnom
two gnomes wearing patriotic hats sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Memorial Day gnome, Labor Day, Patriotic gnome, 4th of July gnome, Big Sock Hat, Uncle Sam, only 1 of each left -- Made with love!
"\"Big Hat\" sock 4th of July gnomes! Very patriotic. I love to get into full swing to promote my love for this Country and our Veterans! These guys are sporting custom 4th of July BIG top hats covered with patriotic socks. Each hat is topped off with a colorful handmade bow! Beards are white fur. Body is fleece. A beautiful and fun addition for any patriotic holidays, from the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day - you name it! This fellow salutes your patriotic enthusiasm!! Pricing for one."
three small figurines sitting on top of a wooden table next to a christmas tree
a knitted yoda doll with green hair and a hat on it's head
Yoda the Gnome
Hand crafted gnomes for all occasions!
a stuffed animal wearing a black hat and holding a pencil in it's mouth
Darth the Gnome
Hand crafted gnomes for all occasions!
how to make a mushroom gnome with step - by - step instructions for making it
Fast and Easy DIY: Farmhouse Mushroom Gnome Craft
a stuffed animal wearing a hat with the word dad written on it's forehead
Father’s Day Gnome
a close up of a stuffed animal with blue hair and an eyeball on it's head
a snowman holding a broom and wearing a hat with feathers on it's head