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the centre of the universe. At night they also have an interactive step on light up sidewalk>> Yeah awesome! The More You Know, Good To Know, Wtf Fun Facts, Random Facts, Creepy Facts, Random Stuff, Cool Facts, Strange Facts, Cool Stuff

‘The Center of the Universe’ is a circle on the ground in Tulsa, OK. The broken concrete is surrounded by a large circle of bricks, but you’d probably never notice it unless you started talking while standing in the middle. There, you’ll hear your voice loudly echoing back at you, and nobody outside the circle will hear a thing - but nobody knows why. Source

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DBZ Maja Future: The Aftermath/ Episode 16

Turning her head Talina saw Tuscan being stabbed through the stomach with one of the black, poisonus swords of the veruc. Screaming she rushed to his side and set his head on her lap. He winced in pain and smiled up at her with blood seeping out of his mouth. **2 hours earlier....**

Arsinoitherium - Africa, from 36 to 30 million years ago, in areas of tropical forest and mangrove swamps. Although its appearance was rhino-like, it was more closely related to elephants, hyraxes and Sirenians. Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Prehistoric World, Prehistoric Creatures, Primates, Mammals, Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur Fossils, Jurrassic Park, Animal Skeletons

Animal skeleton

Explore Benoit Dupont's photos on Flickr. Benoit Dupont has uploaded 408 photos to Flickr.

from Wired Science Bizarre Horn-Faced Dinosaur Discovered in Utah Nasutoceratops titusi in the Late Cretaceous forests of the Kaiparowits Formation. Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, Prehistoric Creatures, Prehistoric Wildlife, Dinosaur Crafts, Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, Reptiles

'Big-nose horn-face' dinosaur found

An unusual new species of dinosaur, which was unearthed in the deserts of Utah, is described by scientists.

King of gore predator was an early relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. A new giant species of meat eating dinosaur related to Tyrannosaurus Rex has been discovered and named as Lythronax Argestes, which means "king of gore" Dinosaur Tracks, Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, Giant Dinosaur, Utah, Jurassic Park World, Extinct Animals, Prehistoric Creatures, Tyrannosaurus

'King of gore' dinosaur discovered

A new super-predator dinosaur that roamed the earth 80 million years ago is discovered in southern Utah.

The Lost Island of Atlantis. One of the oldest mysteries in the world, the legend of Atlantis has mystified humanity since ancient times Tsunami, Modern Talking, Sunken City, Mysteries Of The World, Unexplained Mysteries, Unexplained Phenomena, Mystery Of History, History Mysteries, Murder Mysteries

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Dinosaur Nests in Mongolia Found Full of Eggs of Big-Clawed 'Therizinosaur' Species Largest Dinosaur, Archaeology News, Dinosaur Fossils, The Good Dinosaur, Historical Artifacts, Prehistoric Creatures, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Biomes, Ancient Aliens

Nests of Weird, Waddling Dinosaurs Found In Desert

LOS ANGELES — A nursery of bizarre-looking dinosaurs known as therizinosaurs has been found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The nesting colony con...

A chance find by a high school student led to the youngest, smallest and most complete fossil skeleton yet known from the iconic tube-crested dinosaur Parasaurolophus. California High School, Dinosaur Discovery, Escalante National Monument, Dinosaur Skeleton, Archaeology News, Baby Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Fossils, Baby Ducks, Dinosaurs

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A new species of horned dinosaur related to triceratops, Nasutoceratops titusi, was discovered in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. Reptiles, Mammals, Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, Utah, Big Noses, Prehistoric Creatures, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Thing 1

New Big-Nosed Horned Dinosaur Found in Utah

Paleontologists have discovered a Triceratops relative with a supersize schnoz that roamed what's now Utah, a new study says.

Two towns in Bulgaria and Romania are planning to boost their tourist appeal by capitalising on their "vampire" past. Bulgaria, 30 Days Of Night, Europe News, Archaeology, Trail, Romania, Places, Vampires, News

Staking out a vampire tourist trail

Two towns in Bulgaria and Romania are planning to boost their tourist appeal by capitalising on their "vampire" past.

A toothy, long-nosed skull found in Texas belonged to a "swamp monster" that lived more than 200 million years ago. The creature is a pre. Texas Tech University, Vertebrates, Monster S, Founded In, Science And Nature, Prehistoric, Amazing Nature, Paranormal, Fossils

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Anthropologists say that a hominid skull unearthed in the Republic of Georgia shows that Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo rudolfensis were all variations of a single species. Biological Anthropology, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Thing 1, Primates, Before Us, National Museum, Science And Nature, Ancient History

Remarkable skull hints at dramatically simpler view of human evolution

A 1.8-million-year-old skull suggests that several species of early humans might not be different species at all, meaning the tree of human evolution might have fewer branches than previously thought.