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Bar, Brewery, & Winery Inspiration

Great cocktail recipes plus wine and beer information. This board has everything that a bar, brewery, or winery will need to start out successful…
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Build out your bar cart with a beautiful set of bitters bottles! These bottles are beautiful and stylish, plus having an array of bitters allows you to make a variety of amazing cocktail recipes. Build out your mini bar at home or your modern bar cart with a set of bitters bottles!
If you want to make fancy drinks that taste as delicious as the drink recipe sounds, then you must learn how to pour the accurate amount of liquor. There are multiple methods you can use to serve precise amounts of alcohol for shots and cocktail recipes. Tap the link to use our guide to the different ways to measure liquor!
Using sake in creative cocktails is a major trend in the United States. The beverage is swiftly gaining even more popularity in America, making it the perfect addition to a beverage station at a party or wedding. Tap the link so you can learn how to correctly serve and drink sake, allowing you to properly introduce the Japanese beverage to customers.


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Make your next wine night one to remember. These tasting flight boards allow you to serve a collection of different wines at once, with some even holding room to have a dessert pairing with it! Use these for your wine party to really add an element of sophistication and organization. 🍷
Take simple mixed drinks up a few levels. Dried fruit as a garnish turns ordinary drinks into creative cocktails. This cocktail garnish is easy to add to a drink, and we have a ton of different dried fruit options through our link! 🍹
Whether it's an intimate wedding, a large anniversary party, or an aesthetic dinner party, you'll want to offer a trendy drink: a clothespin cocktail! Make your beverages stand out by clipping snacks or desserts, citrus peels, herbs, note cards, or edible flowers onto your cocktail glasses. Create a conversation starter with a cocktail clothespin garnish on your summer drinks, as your signature wedding drink, or one of your many wedding cocktails.

Food & Wine Pairings

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The perfect addition to a Bloody Mary recipe. Meat straws combine delicious flavor with fun functionality and look great next to any of your Bloody mary skewer ideas. Use these with your best Bloody mary recipes in your bar or for your brunch!
Take your cocktail aesthetic and food presentation to new levels with our selection of cocktail garnishes! From dried fruits to pickled vegetables, you can turn your regular drinks into creative cocktails.

Cocktails, Wines, & Beers

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When cold temperatures start setting in and holiday parties are in full swing, you'll start to see seasonal winter beers making their yearly debut once again. These are the kind of beers that deserve to be sipped while you enjoy a hearty, comforting meal and sit by a warm, crackling fireplace. Check out our top picks for the best seasonal beers of winter 2022.
What are the best beers to choose for your Halloween parties and fall weddings? Find out on our blog!
Whether you’re just starting a bar or are trying to convert your establishment's existing patio space into something new, opening a beer garden offers many new opportunities to your business. Beer gardens give your patrons a chance to enjoy drinking outdoors in a new fun environment, allowing your establishment to create a social and community atmosphere.

Brewery Ideas

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When someone requests an angel shot, they don’t want a drink; they’re letting you know they are uncomfortable around a fellow guest and need help. Implement the angel shot initiative and train staff members to respond correctly when a customer orders an angel shot.
And a very happy Friday to you. 🍹 Want to make fun summer cocktails or summer drinks this season? Then tap our link to explore beverage syrups galore. There's nothing quite like refreshing cocktail recipes to beat the summer heat. 🌞
Great for frozen favorites like smoothies, slushies, or granitas, frozen drink machines maximize beverage sales. Fill this with your favorite wine slushie recipe, frozen cocktail recipes, or with family-friendly granitas and smoothies!

Bar Ideas

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Mastering the art of serving and pouring wine correctly creates a great experience for wine enthusiasts and first-time wine tasters alike. In addition to proper serving temperatures, each type of wine requires a specific style of glass for service to best enhance the aromas, flavors, and overall experience of the wine. To best enjoy your wine collection, check out our infographic to choose the ideal wine glass for your wine night.
Wine needs to be resealed after opening because it will begin to oxidize once coming into contact with oxygen. The air opens up the tannins in the wine and deteriorates the flavor. Knowing how to reseal and store open wine bottles is a great tip to use at home. Click our link to learn!
Whether you're hosting a bachelorette party or an extra special dinner, a wine cooler keeps bottles of wine or champagne chilled to a desirable serving temperature! It makes the perfect gift idea for your bartender friend or wine-loving friend! #winegift #weddingfavors #giftidea

Winery Ideas

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