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They play on the NAVY team because they are a division of the NAVY. Where do Marine pilots train? Where do Marines get medical? Marines either walk or ride in NAVY equipment!

United States Marine Corps Cadence - 13 Weeks Of Misery!

I love watching Marines march! we got a kid in AFJROTC who is in young marines and are sergeant agravates him on how he gives commands cause he leans bk when he is about to give a command

Even though I have not earned the title yet, I carry myself in a way that would make the corps proud, I will not act like a fool and say I'm a future marine. No way no how.

I am both a Christian representing God and a military spouse representing my husband, an Airmen. I will act in such a way as to bring respect to both.

''Please accept this on behalf of a grateful nation."  Honor & Sacrifice❤Freedom

~ A Marine Honor Guard holds the flag that covered the casket of a soldier during funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery.

United States Marines Corps - Boot Camp.

Marine Mania - United States Marine Corps - USMC - Marines - Devil Dogs - Leathernecks - Grunts - Jarheads - Semper Fi - Marine Love - Oorah - Devli Dog Fever - Bad A** Mother F**kers - Anything & Everything Marine Related!