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#BreakTheNet Task 3 – Christmas Cooking with Kanye & Friends - YouTube

Task 3 – Christmas Cooking with Kanye & Friends

hahaha I love this show but this is funny!

[Extreme Makeover: Home Edition] "I kinda like horses." "We made your room into a horse and decorated it with horses and here we got you three pet horses and we are paying for surgery to make you into a horse!

DISNEY!! How could you?!?

When I heard they were making a Monsters University I told my mom that in the movie Mike says they been best friends since kindergarden and this also IT'S ALL A LIE! but MU was a great movie

So funny!

The real truth of Rock, Paper, Scissors.i feel like there might have been more than friendship going on between rock and paper.i mean look at that first picture.and then rly think about it.maybe scissors was getting revenge in the first place.