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Things My Husband Says During Outlander - That's Normal

It's a good thing I watched the pilot episode of Outlander several times alone before I showed it to my husband. Because he did .

First Projection Watch Beams Notifications And The Time Onto The Wearer’s Hand - Interesting Engineering

Ritot - the first projection watch. Inspired by future technologies we wanted to create a completely different, original timepiece. Ritot is the first projection watch.

Bang For Your Cluck – Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising backyard chickens can be such a fun process, especially for the kiddos. Survival Life is the best source for prepper survival gear, tips and skills.

Learn the elements of great chicken coops.

Nesting boxes for chickens A hen house has to be furnished with nesting boxes. They're essential for a proper egg-laying environment. You can buy nest boxes or make your own.

Colbert’s speech to UVA class of 2013. This man is genius.

Colbert’s speech to UVA class of This man is genius. I found this funny. Thank you Colbert, it is your generations fault.

I notice you have cheese...

I notice you have cheese. I also enjoy cheese. :))))) this cracks me up every time. I love corgis

Why Do Crabs Never Give To Charity

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