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Chicken curry pot

Chicken-curry-pot SA Recipes | Old Style Recipes Chicken-curry-pot

Favourite South African Recipes :: Chicken-curry-pot

Potjie Bread | Potjiekos World

Potjie Bread

Potjie No: Flat Serves: 8 Cooking Time: 1 hr 15 min Ingredients 500 g white bread flour 500 g wholewheat flour 12 ml salt 25 ml white sugar 10 g instant yeast

Chicken and Sweet Potato Potjie | Potjiekos World

Chicken and Sweet Potato Potjie

Potjie No: 4 Serves: 8 Cooking Time: 2 hours Ingredients 2 large onions (sliced) 2 stalks celery (sliced) 3 cloves garlic (crushed) 15ml oil 8 chicken thighs

Vinegar pudding (asynpoeding)

Vinegar pudding (asynpoeding)

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1.5 hours

South Africans are renowned for their sweet tooths and many different types of poedings (puddings) feature among their line-up of traditional desserts. This classic vinegar pudding is not nearly as sour as the name would suggest – the vinegar (asyn) in the sugar syrup simply adds a nice balance in flavour and counteracts the intensity of the sweetness.

South African recipes and South African food : SBS Food

South African

Discover the many flavours of South Africa, whose historical influences from Africa, Europe, Dutch, Malaysia have all contributed to this “rainbow nation”, known for its beans, curries, Durban street food and the beloved braai. Read more

' Combine beef with Amarula for a taste sensation that will impress guests.

Bushveld Sirloin of Beef with Amarula Cream Sauce

If you’re bored of the same old beef recipes, you need to try this delicious sirloin steak recipe with a sensational Amarula Cream sauce.

Pot Bread

Elandela Private Game Reserve & Luxury Lodges - Official Website

Elandela Private Game Reserve is a privately owned wilderness adjacent to one of the world’s most famous game reserves: South Africa’s Kruger National Park!

Braaied Chicken Sosaties

Chicken Sosaties — Food I Love

Chicken Sosaties Braaied on the Big Green Egg Sosaties (skewered meat) marinated in a curry sauce – traditionally formed part of the rijsttafel of java, an elaborate banquet which always included at least two meat dishes, one fish course and a curry dish, as well as several vegetables, served on co

Quail & Guinea Fowl braaied over Kameeldoring Wood with Grape, Mascarpone & Tarragon stuffing on the Braai/BigGreenEgg

Blog — Food I Love

I'm setting out to Braai every week for a year! This is a new journey for me so please join me as I share my braaiing adventures and mishaps while trying to create simple food inspired by childhood memories back in South Africa and the FoodILove. I will also feature foods that we make and sell on our website www.biltong.co.uk blog about restaurants that I eat in, delis, butchers and food shops that we supply! I'm not a cook or a food writer (in fact I’m dyslexic and a guy who is going…

Wors, pap en sous on the Braai/BigGreenEgg

Wors, Pap en Sous on the Braai! — Food I Love

Wors, pap en sous on the Braai/BigGreenEgg Mielie meal is a staple food in much of Africa. Unlike European polenta, mielie meal is normally white in colour and quite coarse textured. It makes a delicious side dish or it can be the centre point of a meal. Pap (pronounced pup ) means "