mars bar melts

MarsBar Melts

Mars Bar Melts, 4 ingredients and 7 minutes to gooey chocolate heaven!

fried mars bar

16 Deep-Fried Recipes

Adventurous Cuisine: Few other nations could successfully pull off dunking a Mars bar in batter and deep frying it and turning it into a dish of international renown.

Mars Bar Loaf Cake

Mars Bar Loaf Cake

Mars bar loaf cake with extra slices of Mars bar stirred in, topped with Mars bar sauce and Mars bar pieces. It's a whole lot of Mars bar!

Baked Ricotta and Mars Bar Hotcakes

Baked Ricotta And Mars Bar Hotcakes

Mars bar cake

Best Mars Bar Cake

Mars bar cake I regret EVERY time I complained at my mum for baking this another birthday in a row.

phyllo baked mars bar

I am guilty of some pretty serious gluttony. I recently stumbled across the Sydney Food Diary and Sean's recipe for Filo Wrapped Mars Bar .