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Hallo Giraffe von TheRockArtShop auf Etsy

Hello Giraffe was created with rocks from the eastern banks of Lake Michigan. Each rock was handpicked, cleaned, prepared and chosen for this particular piece of artwork. The frame was built specifically for this piece and is secured to the artwork.

How to Mosaic and make beautiful objects for home and garden: How to Mosaic Using Ceramic Leaf shapes

To start off, this is how I make the leaf mosaic pieces. (You can skip this painstaking process, and just buy them from me, howe.

DIY Parrot Play Stand Is Cheap And Fun To Make - http://www.parrotshop.org/diy-parrot-play-stand-cheap-and-fun/

After spending a number of years now volunteering at a parrot sanctuary, it's pretty easy and cheap to build a do-it-yourself (DIY) parrot play stand

How to Feed your Parrot - BirdTricks Parrot Infographic on Behance

How to Feed your Parrot - BirdTricks Parrot Infographic on Behance. Sigh, I wish I could get my budgie to eat fruits and veg.

If you can DREAM it You can DO it. Walt Disney by TKreclaimedART:

My dad makes wood paintings and I like to help him with those paintings and watching.