Thanks to an old flattie get me on to this stuff


Himalayan Mineral Salt - you can buy this at Common Sense Organics in Wellington and Lower Hutt

Himalayan Rose Melt & Pour Soap Recipe - Himalayan salt has a lovely, peachy pink color and is chock full of goodness for the skin.

The Nerabus one is delicious! Tried it waiting for a bus on Islay and been looking for it in NZ ever since.

Islay Ales is the only brewery on the beautiful Isle of Islay, off the West Coast of Scotland and produces hand crafted, high quality cask and bottle conditioned beers, also known as real ale


This stuff is organic and smells amaaaazing. It's so rich and creamy and lovely to use. It doesn't suck out any moisture and it's safe to use on the eye area'll take off most of your eye make up.