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Thato Motaung
Jozi city / I love God, family, music and friends - I think in that order. Pinterest will take me a while to get around, allow me;-)
Thato Motaung
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Sometimes multiple times a day…

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, count to ten, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you wouldn't look good in prison stripes and just smile at that dumbass and walk away. Well, not just sometimes.

Those who know me will know how true this is about me. I'm not shy/anti-social - I just hate small talk!

Myth - Introverts don't like to talk. - This is not true. Introverts just don't talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won't shut up for days.

I never take my phone out when talking to people, unless it rings. I hope this never changes.

Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you? There's an App for that--it's called RESPECT((Makes me CRAZZZZY when people can't but their damn phones down for two minutes to have an ACTUAL conversation with an ACTUAL person!