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a table topped with a pile of books and a vase filled with cotton floss
Maqueta volcan
this is an easy and fun project for kids to do with crayons
6+ Sensory Bin Ideas for Under $30!
Science Toys for Clever Kids. Juguetes de ciencia para niños. Robots, Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Learning, Books, Mathematics, Mechanics, Microscopes,
an egg in a glass jar on a table
Science Experiment - Alter the air pressure to "pull" a boiled egg inside a jar it would not otherwise fit in. (Free idea.)
two jars filled with different colored sand and the words underwater magic sand in front of them
Underwater Magic Sand
Underwater Magic Sand - this is such a cool science experiment! Kids will love it!
a person pressing down on a piece of bread
Turn Milk into Plastic! - How Wee Learn
Turn milk into plastic with vinegar! Such a cool science experiment for kids, preschoolers and adults too
a person holding an object in their hand and the words how to make a silver egg
Silver Egg Experiment
Silver Egg Experiment - this is such a cool science experiment!
an advertisement for magnetic levitation with two different types of magnets and one type of pendulum
Floating Wheels: A magnet levitation experiment
What a cool science experiment for kids! Make your own magnetic levitation.
a jar filled with blue liquid and the words how to make a tornado in it
How to Make a Tornado in a Jar: Fun Science for Kids!
how to make a tornado in a jar with this fun science experiment for kids, perfect for homeschooling science! An engaging educational project that will be done with no mess or fuss in 5 minutes! Check it out!
flowers in vases with the words flower experiment fun science for kids on top and bottom
Over 15 Awesome Summer Boredom Buster Science Ideas for Kids
Over 15 Awesome Boredom Buster Fun Science Experiment Ideas to do With the Kids - perfect for summer, school and any day! They all look pretty easy to do with the kids.
a child's hand reaching for an air pressure balloon in a plastic bag with the words, a game to demonstrate air pressure
2 Easy Hands-On Air Pressure Science Experiments for Kids with Stuff You Already Have!
Science experiment for kids
the science experiment is made with water and matches marshmallows
Rising Water Science Experiment
This post may contain affiliate links.It feels like a science-y kind of day today, so I want to share with you our latest experiment! This rising water science experiment is fun and oh-so easy! That’s the best kind. Check out the description at the end. This experiment would be great for explaining how storms work! …
a red balloon sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a dvd disc with the words hovecraft science experiment
Hovercraft Science Experiment
You need to try this with your kids, it will be a hit. My kiddos are always asking for hands on science activities, even if it’s one we have done over and over like this Hovercraft Science experiment project.
the process to make an art project for kids with liquid paint and watercolors
Exciting Magic Milk Science Experiment for Kids
If you are looking for a simple science activity to do with the kids, then look no further! This magic milk science experiment is perfect for you! via @danielledb