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coffee mugs with the word mine painted on them are shown in three different ways
DIY: Chalkboard Mug
DIY chalkboard mug
a box filled with bread wrapped in black and white ribbon next to a pastry knife
Love this! Give baked goodies in pan lined with newspaper and ribbon with personalized tag (stamp). Recipe for lemon yogurt cake.
four wooden keychains with pink sequins on them and the letters b are made out of wood
tutorial: monogram key chain
Monogram key chain
several different types of keychains on a blue table with white polka dotes
25 Handmade Gifts Under $5
Handmade Gifts
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of felt next to a camera
25 DIY Handmade Gift Tutorials Part 2
These are SO CUTE!
a sign that says grandkids on it with pictures hanging from the front and back
155th Power of Paint Party... Painted Christmas Gift Ideas
Great Christmas gift idea for the grandparents
How to make bath fizzies. Again, easily shippable! Bath Bombs, Crafts, Scrubs, Diy Health, Crafty Craft, Crafty
Muffin Tin Bath Fizzies
How to make bath fizzies. Again, easily shippable!
a jar filled with lots of candy and a red heart on the label that says i love you
1-Hour Projects
Christmas gifts
three white cups with red ribbon around them on a table next to other christmas decorations
Think Garnish Blog - Blogging corner - Page 5
GREAT neighbor gift.
four christmas themed toothbrushes with tags attached to them, all decorated in green and red
Neighbor Gift Idea
Teacher/neighbor gifts