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The Quintessential Style Of Frida Kahlo, An Icon Of Art And Fashion

What Frida wore: the artist's wardrobe locked up 50 years – in pictures: Frida Kahlo’s leg was amputated in She designed this prosthetic leg with embroidered red lace-up boots and a bell attached.

Prosthetics putting forward extra feet for the physically challenged - Designbuzz

Prosthetic Leg Types | Prosthetics / prosthetic limb

Scott Summit an industrial designer formed Bespoke Innovations with Kenneth Trauner, an orthopedic surgeon in order to affect positive change in the medical prosthetic industry using printing & scanning.

"My short sports prosthesis with its Hi-Fi socket technology, built by Randy Alley, biodesigns,  is the only prosthesis that I’ve ever been able to perform with in an immersed water environment, without utilizing the aid of a roll on locking liner. The Hi-Fi fit is truly unique, comfortably hugging the contours of my forearm while stabilizing the prosthesis against undue rotation and providing superior suspension."   Bob Radocy, CEO/President TRS Prosthetics

"My short sports prosthesis with its Hi-Fi socket technology, built by Randy…

At first, prosthetics were made to replace limbs; now they are created to amaze us. (prosthetic, prosthetic limbs)

Page by Grace Murano - The Alternative Limb Project gives people who have prosthetic limbs the chance to stand out uniquely. Paralympian and swimming champion Jo-Jo Cranfield, .

Bionic hand

Originally a concept in science fiction, bionic limbs are now becoming a reality, some even boasting the ability to let the user "feel" again.