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Be happy with the present. Live in the moment. Because one day you will wake up and realize that your life has passed you by.

the literally tore me apart, tore me in half and i had to fight like i've never fought before in my whole life! through sadness and hurt, to make it out on the other side! i don't want to say someday anymore.

One stack after another. Day in day out. Bad jokes after another. One fake smile after another. One subtle warning to hard warning. None. It's fucking enough!

If I seem angry and sad, maybe it's because I've just had enough of cruel people treating me like I'm meaningless because I'm not just like them.


I am so done with everyone acting like I don't exist and I'm done with people who like to openly judge others. I'm done with drama I'm done.and someone to tell me That its alright. Someone who won't judge I'm just done