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Where Red is the Fire, it is Orange that welcomes us to it...
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an orange flower with water drops on it
orange.quenalbertini: Orange Flower Detail by Ulchiva | Julia Iva
an orange and yellow bird with feathers all over it's back end, looking at the camera
~ It's a Colorful Life ~
the center of an orange flower with very large petals on it's petals, as seen from above
Georgia O'Keeffe created this stunning orange rose I love the colouring and the shading in this piece
a three tiered white cake with orange and pink sprinkles
Summer Wedding Colors: Pink, Peach, Yellow
Brides: Summer Wedding Colors: Pink, Peach, Yellow | Summer Weddings | Wedding Ideas |
the center of an orange flower with green tips
Center of an Echinacea (Prairie Coneflower). The contrasting color makes the center a focal point for me, as well as the contrast in sizes of the shapes and distance between them.
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~ It's a Colorful Life ~
an orange sky with the words orange on it
Freckles and Valium
My favorite colour and after reading this, I love it even more