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dawid kriel

Cape Town / a destination to creative design inspiration
dawid kriel
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Unlike most salons the layout of the cutting stations are designed like a team workplace, while a central table allows for interaction between cutter and colourist and also between patrons. The layout is simultaneously interactive and discrete depending on how the participant wishes to engage with it.

Biba Doncaster salon by Ryan Russell, Doncaster Australia store design

The Carol Joy Salon | becauselondon.com

This is clean and I like the way the curtains give the wall texture and class

Eye-catching: Silver birches in all their glory in Colorado

Bark life: A single tree or a small grove. the birch adds a silver lining to your plot

Living Room Dining Room Combo: Proven Strategies To Nail Space Distribution - KUKUN

Proven strategies from an architect, to nail space distribution in a living room dining room combo.

Sunny Birch Grove In Summer Mural - RF Images| Murals Your Way Scott likes

Sunny birch grove in summer July

Amsterdam Netherlands

The Singel is a canal in Amsterdam which is famous for its flower market. The market is unique, because all the merchandise is displayed on floating barges

En güzel kuaför salonu tasarımları bu panoda...

En güzel kuaför salonu tasarımları bu panoda...