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Stay At Home Dads DIY : Photo

Funny pictures about A Letter From A Father To His Daughter. Oh, and cool pics about A Letter From A Father To His Daughter. Also, A Letter From A Father To His Daughter photos.

Read all the way through... this kid is amazing!

In case you don't won't read all of this. It's about a professor telling a student about how God is not real. Then the student burns the professor wrong (is was an amazing burn!)The student was Einstein😱.

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Oldie #504 by Robert M. Drake

Oldie by Robert M. Drake Beautiful chaos is now available through my etsy. The link can be found in my bio.

don't ask why i love you. the way i know that i do is that i can't put it into words

Those who matter know this holds true where they are concerned.

yeah :'(  I hate seeing pictures of him and it makes me remember and think of what he promised me... of what he said. and now he is going on pretending I don't exist nor that I ever was in his life. and that kills me because I try to get over him but all I can do is cry because he obviously doesn't care about or for me anymore... if only he knew how I felt about this, I would feel better because at least he knows what he has caused :'(

I miss your voice. I miss you teasing me. I miss you telling me about your day. I miss you whining abt everything and anything.

Don't.. please

it is in no one else, but you, whom i willingly surrender myself to. so take this as a subtle plea [in fact, i beg of you] never to let go of me.