Nando's Chicken Hose Water Floor Advert Mocking KFC

Nando's Chicken Hose Water Floor Advert Mocking KFC

Steers Rib Burger Advert, Two Boers On The Back Of A Bakkie

Steers Rib Burger Advert, Two Boers On The Back Of A Bakkie

The Old Vodacom Gods Must Be Crazy Rugby Advert That Will Make You Chuckle

A cellular provider's ad for rugby, you need to have watched a South African movie called "The Gods Must Be Crazy" to really enjoy it.

The Coolest South African Bread Advert You Will Ever See

Blue Ribbon's latest TVC celebrates just how cool moms can be, especially when their kids get the mmmm yum taste of Blue Ribbon bread.

Mum Remembered Melrose, Nostalgic 1994 South African Advert

This is an advert that many South Africans will remember and will bring back some great memories. Oh boy, mum remembered melrose.

Best Nando’s Diversity Advert That Was Banned From TV

This banned Nando’s ad perfectly sums up how ridiculous the xenophobic attacks are

Funny Doom Advert That All South Africans Will Appreciate.

Doom Insecticide - "Dancing" - ad in South Africa but not respecting basic safety precautions in the Code of Conduct

The Glug Glug Sasol Advert From The 80’s

Pump up your nostalgia with this classic Sasol TV ad.

With No Education This Is A Likely Future. Banned Advert In South Africa

Banned Advert In South Africa

Proudly South African Steers Advert That Will Make Expats Homesick

Steers is one of the most popular local fast food franchises in South Africa. Steers came out with this classic advert which pokes a little fun at the South African expats around the world.

This Is The New BEE South Africa. Best Ford Advert Ever

A very funny Ford Bantam advert that cleverly uses the BEE factor to show the new south africa.

The Luxury Lifestyle Of South African Ministers, Nando’s Does It Again

Nando's poke fun at shameless ministerial gravy train Nandos latest television commercial is a send-up of South Africas parliament ministers.