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Bunny chow, alongside Durban curry, is one of South Africa's most popular exports. Just fill a scooped out half loaf of bread, fill with curry and eat.

Recipe: Durban Chicken Curry

115 reviews
65 minutes

This simple Durban chicken curry recipe is the perfect introduction to South African Indian cuisine, which boasts the best tasting curries in the world.

biltong box

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make your own biltong at home in a biltong box or dehydrator for South Africans living overseas

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Cabanossi in the biltong drying cabinet

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Ever since I posted that Smoked Chili Candied Bacon (aka Man Candy) I’ve been getting a ton of requests for other ‘Man Candy’ flavors.  Now before I go on, the term ‘Man Can…

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Biltong chilli sticks

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