Mauve and smoke

Queenswood apartment: Me, my cat Truman, and books. Jacaranda redux.
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an open paint can with a wooden stick sticking out of it's top lid
New Year, New Hues: Meet Our Two New Paint Colors!
three lamps are sitting on top of a dresser next to each other and one lamp is gold
Trendy bedside table lamps ideas for your bedroom project
Lighting plays a significant role in crafting an inviting bedroom design scheme. Beyond just setting the right mood or making reading in bed more enjoyable, it can add a dose of style to your bedside table arrangement. Looking for the perfect lamp for your bedside table? Find unique and stylish bedside table lamps that will enhance any bedroom at HOMMÉS STUDIO.
a purple glass bowl sitting on top of a white table
It's hot! A brand new ornamental glass ware range by Carrol Boyes. Platter - Oyster (og-pl-oy)
a brown leather couch with a stack of books on it's back pillow sitting on the arm of a chair
Bring your library to your couch with this personalized bookshelf pillow.
a kitchen with white counter tops and gray wall tiles on the walls, along with an art piece
Contemporary cozy kitchen in grey tones with stucco walls and terrazzo countertop and splashback by Maria Marinina
a white light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with green walls and ceilings
6 lamper som er fine nok til å henge i rosetten!
Taklampe Nelson Saucer Bubble M blir som en forlengelse av en ornamentert rosett. Foto: Fantastic Frank.
a silver sculpture with three faces on it's side and a wooden block in front
Carrol Boyes At Full Stretch Mugs & Holder Set
Carrol Boyes At Full Stretch Mugs & Holder Set