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Glutes Workouts🍑
Glutes Workouts🍑
Today’s focus: Core strength!💪🏻Here’s a quick routine to fire up those ABS🔥
1️⃣ Knee Tuck x30 2️⃣ Leg Abduction Crunch x20 3️⃣ Reverse Plank Knee Lift x12 4️⃣ V-Sit x20 5️⃣ Mountain Climbers x30 Don’t forget to SAVE! I promise, your core will be burning! 🥵 #fitness #explorepage #gym #foryou #foryourpage #coreworkout #core #band #absworkout #abs
Simple exercises to tone your body. Glutes workout
The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout for Women🔥
Just Do this 1 Exercise for 30 days! Yes, only 1🔥
This isn't your average workout - it's a powerful and efficient fitness hack that targets multiple muscle groups in one dynamic move. Say goodbye to hours of exercise and hello to a time-saving, results-driven routine that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle Join our vibrant community of strong women, supporting and motivating each other to reach new heights of fitness greatness #FitnessJourney #FitWomen #BodySculpting #ToneAndTighten #EmpoweredWomen _______ @shannahortega
At home flat belly workout
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Bikini Abs Workout and Fat Burning Tips
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