paptert (porridge pie) is a delicious modern addition to South African braaivleis (barbeque).    It's looks a little bit like a lasagne, but is made from maize porridge (mieliepap) and a very generous vegetable filling to ensure a rich, moist and admittedly decadent savoury tart. Leftovers will keeps well in the fridge until the following day, but should be served warm.

Paptert - otherwise known as porridge pie - a South African tart filled with veggies, bacon and cheese - side dish for a braai .

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Visitors to South African shores should try these iconic traditional South African foods of Xhosa, Afrikaans and Cape Malay heritage.

There are three principles to making putu pap successfully, say Jan Braai. They are managing the ration of water to maize meal, building an iceberg and using a two-tined fork.

Putu pap in a potjie

South Africa, like North America, is accustomed to eating three meals a day. Shown in the picture is Putupap, a cornmeal porridge type breakfast dish.

Vinnige bierbrood | SARIE

Moet net nie n sluk of twee van die bier drink nie-jy het elke druppel nodig. As die deeg te styf lyk, maak n tweede bier oop en gooi n bietjie by.