Cremora Tart Recipe from South Africa. Revisit this always popular retro South African dessert. This new version is fruity and covered in chocolate.

Easy Cremora Tart

This South African tart is a great alternative to a traditional Christmas pudding.

Spice up chicken thighs in a South African curry, packed with flavourful spices and served with a side of sweet, fragrant rice

Cape Malay chicken curry with yellow rice

Traditional South African 'stywe pap with sheba'.

Toby's stywe pap with sheba, daar is niks lekkerder as dit nie en die pap wat oorbly sjoe bring die melk en suiker.

South African Vetkoek Recipe. Serve with savoury mince (ground beef) or cheese and jam.

Vetkoek is ‘n tradisionele lekkerny maar wat min weet is dat dié eenvoudige vetkoek deel was van die volksplanting hier aan die Suidpunt van Afrika.

Groenboontjie-bredie | SARIE | Green bean stew

Groenboontjie-bredie / Green bean stew - my god my taste buds are remembering all these awesome tastes

Chicken/lamb samoosas

South African Indian Samoosa - chicken, lamb or mutton mince are more popular meat fillings for samoosas in South Africa. Pork, beef or soya mince can be substituted for the mince. The filling recipe is different for potato samoosas.

Easy Sweetcorn Fritters Recipe | Traditional South African Dish | Just Easy Recipes

Sweetcorn Fritters

South-Africa - Sweetcorn Fritters - Sweetcorn fritters are delicious as a side dish or a snack, and a firm favourite among both kids and adults