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WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! I scrolled fast and then went back up and did it slow so I could check to see if they weren't all purple:)

WHAT SORCERY IS THIS<---the speed of the image scrolling by causes your brain to see an image overlap of the red and blue dots. red + blue =purple therefore purple dots science /= sorcery buh bam

Banana anti-aging mask

Amazing Banana Mask That Brings Back Youth Instantly - Inspire Beauty Care

This 3 Ingredients Face Mask Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger. You do not need to waste too much by carlasisters

The 3 Ingredients Face Mask That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger - 16 Proven Skin Care Tips and DIYs to Incorporate in Your Spring Beauty Routine

Hand and Footprint Art Ideas - lots of ideas to save!

Hand and Footprint Art Ideas - resource for DIY handprint art and footprint art ideas

Eggshell Geode.  This is an eggcellent (pardon my pun) fun science lesson!

Eggshell Geode DIY for Kids! Find out how crystals grow inside a geode in this fun science experiment

Potato Cucumber Ice Cubes

Learn how to make potato cucumber ice cubes to remove dark spots, uneven skin tone, and get rid of dark circles.

tri-colours; coral, yelow, blue

It`s all about nails: Summer Neons

neon nails

neon nails

White with sparkle nail art

White nails- Stripe and sparkle wedding nails to make your engagement ring pop!

From the bottom of my heart

From the bottom of my heart. I love you. Now IT IS . From the bottom of my heart. Fuck Off.