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Angel Aura Quartz Angel aura quartz helps you connect to your angels and the angelic realms. It boosts the aura affording protection. It helps connect you to and heal karma and the akashic records. These crystals enhance nurture, empathy, love, peace and harmony and are highly recommended for any healer or those working in the caring professions. Angel aura quartz helps to keep you well when you are already in a healthy state and can prevent you becoming run down.

Angel Aura Quartz is also known as Opal Aura Quartz. It is a product of twentieth century technology, just as aqua aura, ruby aura and sunshine aura are. The beauty of these quartzes is immediately apparent as the 'new' technology enhances the extremely

Brilliant Rainbow Fluorite Generators- For Transmuting Negative Energy, Raising Vibrations and Repairing DNA Damage

Brilliant Rainbow Fluorite Generators ~ For Transmuting Negative Energy, Raising Vibrations, Astral Travel and Ignites Spiritual Awakening