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This For That: A Guide to Cooking And Baking Substitutions by eReplacementParts #Infographic #Cooking_Substitutions

A cheat sheet of cooking and baking substitutes for your kitchen. Like you can substitute baking soda with cream of tartar and baking soda.

Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden

Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden All youneed is a small amount of vertical space around a balcony or anopen window which can hang or store a vertical array of drinkbottles that can grow all your herbs and lettuce easily. Recycle asmany of your plastic d

Or jazz up a cup of hot tea the same way! I call it the toddler toddy and I give it to my youngun when he gets a sore throat.

Awesome infographic: what your birthstone symbolizes

♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

5 snoring home remedies

{What are homeopathic remedies?,What are home remedies,What are home cures}. {Home cures,Home remedies,Homeopathic cures} are incredibly simple.

Simple Vegetable Garden Tips

You don't need acres of land to grow your own veggies! If you have a sunny spot in your home, you can have a vegetable garden! Learn simple vegetable garden tips for every size garden! - My Secret Garden

9 homemade salad dressing recipes you should know how to make!

9 homemade salad dressing recipes you should know how to make! 9 Staple Salad Dressings You Should Know How to Make: Creamy Italian Ranch Classic Vinaigrette Roasted Garlic Honey Mustard Honey Poppy Seed Asian Sesame Peanut Lime Creamy Blue Cheese