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Veronica Letsapa

Veronica Letsapa
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Sex in the Driveway: 1oz peach schnapps 1 oz blue cura�ao 2 oz vodka fill with sprite.

Sex in the Driveway: peach schnapps 1 oz blue curaçao 2 oz vodka fill with sprite. Now I've had sex on the beach but haven't tried sex in the driveway.looks yummy.

Broccoli Salad - Daily Leisure

Brocoli + salad is healthy right? Have this with grilled chicken or beef and you've got an easy dinner

Garlic Cheese Rolls

Garlic cheese rolls: pizza dough, garlic butter, and cheese. Add sauce on top before the cheese and you've got pizza rolls! Make smaller for appetizers.

And, just a little bit of cheese goes a long way. | 23 Easy Tricks For A Healthier Barbecue

Grilled Zucchini Ribbon & Spinach Salad with Feta, Roasted Hazelnuts- did this with roasted almonds instead. Turned out delicious; the Zucchini added a nice texture making the regular spinach salad a bit more exciting.

buckets of fries for a beach wedding reception by Townsend Catering / photo by

buckets of fries for a beach wedding reception by Townsend Catering. i'm going to need about ten trays of these just for me

Fish braaied open:

Fish like Cape salmon, cod and yellowtail are popular on the braai, but there are many other suitable types. Ask your fishmonger’s advice, ensuring you don’t buy anything on an endangered list

Fun way to serve sodas for a backyard party

Drink Cart out of old Wheel Barrel. cute for a rustic theme wedding. could put pre-made soft drinks in mason jars in this wheel barrel! :) We should totally do this with mom's old wheel barrel