Indian train journey ....

An Indian train covered with people. There are a lot of roof riders and people riding between car junctions on the trains in India. Though this appears to be a staged sort of how-many-people-can-we-get photo.

In photos: Life in Africa

Baboon hitching a ride in Africa!


Little girl beauty, awesome blue eyes, blond hair

Typical Rush Hour crowd.....

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Just Outside Kimberley in SA

The Best of Getaway Funny Signs - Getaway Magazine

*Excuse me, thats my seat! Pakistan Rail

Just an ordinary day in India. People going to work by train via Arth Pics:

South African T Shirt

Facts about South Africa! All geographically illiterate people, please read!


It also aptly describes our desperation with Eskom.


Safari interactive magazine Africa's got talent!

Cows on the beach - Transkei, South Africa

Cows on the Beach - Port St Johns - South Africa - photo by Jon Riordan

Only In South Africa Funny Funny Jokes 24 Hours A Day

South Africa Funny Funny Jokes 24 Hours A Day Pushpa Padayichie

South Africa

South Africa-familiar sight sadly- no work.

South African sense of humour...

Fasten Bra Straps And Remove Dentures. Very Bumpy Road Ahead!

South Africas Economy Shrouded In Darkness Scoopis Stories

CHEETAH and San man  Kalahari desert

Walkies: A tribesman and an orphaned cheetah take an evening stroll together

us.......South Africans

FIFA Chief Says Qatar Could Share 2022 World Cup

World Cup Soccer South Africa Fans waving the South Africa flag in support of the national team Bafana Bafana.