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Talking Activity Use this activity as an ice breaker for the first week of school or as a classroom community builder. I have my students sit in a circle around our carpet, and I project the "Roll a topic" sheet up on the SmartBoard. Each student takes a turn rolling the dice and answering the corresponding question.

Over 40 practical tips for road trips with little kids! If you're traveling at all this summer, you need to pin this one - such an amazing resource! Road trips with kids,road trips with kids, travel

I made my DIY 'Go Gurt' using my Ninja Blender System. Any blender will work, but I find that the Ninja is exceptional at blending fruit, especially frozen fruit. For several years now, I have been very mindful about how much sugar is in store-bought

Some insights into how to do better and rethink what we say. It's far too easy to shame our children without meaning to. Here are some tips to avoid creating feelings of shame.

5 ways to help toddlers' speech development. Great website for language skills! I was worried that this would be about some sort of hot-housing or pressure to develop toddler speech precociously but it's lovely, practical, common sense and just helpful.