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an aerial view of a garden with lots of plants and flowers in it, including the words
Eatables garden
a woman is holding a basket in her hand while walking through the garden with vegetables
Amber Benge 🌻 Grace Walk Farm on Instagram
an aerial view of a garden with many plants
Nordic sublime
an aerial view of a vegetable garden in the country
The New Vegetable Garden: 8 Favorite Edible Backyards - Gardenista
two hands are holding a glass container filled with white liquid while another hand reaches for it
Gardening | Housewife | Farm on Instagram: "@evanzhu90 Homemade fertilizer🦸🏼‍♀️🌱 🔔 Turn Post Notification On * Follow our and tag us in your next picture for a chance to be shared! Thank you ! 💛 . . . #gardening_feature #gardeningwithkids #gardeningmakesmehappy #gardeningproblems #organicgardening #gardeninggoals #gardeningday #gardeningseason #gardeninglife #gardening101 #gardeningtime #gardeningislife #gardeningtools #gardeningismytherapy #gardening_love #gardeningknowhow #gardeningtherap
an old house with blue shutters and ivy growing up the side of it's windows
Le Mas des Poiriers on Instagram: "The entire Mas des Poiriers team is working to make everything beautiful for the 2023 season! We cannot wait to welcome our clients and friends and hope to see you soon! 🍐 . #bienvenue #lemasdespoiriers #provence #poiriers #suddeladrance #vacationinprovence 🍐☀️"
an aerial view of a house with green grass on the ground
25 Flowers Similar to Cosmos
25 Flowers Similar to Cosmos
a bag filled with lots of red apples
Storing FRESH apples for an ENTIRE YEAR!
Storing FRESH apples for an ENTIRE YEAR! - YouTube
three stalks of wheat sitting on top of a wooden table
Living Soil Garden on Instagram: "This year, we helped our friend and neighbour Richard to grow some no-dig grains. We obtained seeds of Emmer, YQ wheat, Rye and Spelt from the @gothelneyfarmer and the South-West Grain Network. In November 2021, Richard sowed the seeds in two beds, for a total surface of 50 sqm. The two beds were made on pasture in heavy clay, forked for aeration only once, then mulched with cardboard and a 10cm layer of green-waste compost. In early August 2022, Richard perfo
a pile of pumpkins with the words stop don't pick that squash or pumpkin too early
Crystal Schmidt on Instagram: "Do you know when a winter squash or pumpkin is ready to pick? Or how to spot the sweetest, best-tasting squash at the market? Here’s your yearly lesson! . Swipe <— to read how to tell if your squash or pumpkin is ready! . I know that is a lot of info, so if you remember two things, remember that the squash should be deeply colored with no green tinging in its yellow/orange/tan parts, and the stem should look more dead and dried than alive and succulent. . #preservi
a man standing on top of a hill wearing a hat and holding a frisbee
Regenerative Farms & Farmers on Instagram: "In 2019, we received a Healthy Soils Program Demonstration Project grant from the @cdfa_ca to establish a multi-species hedgerow amongst a sloped avocado orchard in Summerland, CA. As part of this three-year program, we've planted approximately 2,500 linear feet of hedgerows. We planted the hedgerows on contour to slow nutrient and water runoff, increasing infiltration into the soil, and integrated nitrogen-fixing overstory species and dynamic accumul