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Deadpool - Created by Yvan Quinet

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Funny pictures about This gaming year. Oh, and cool pics about This gaming year. Also, This gaming year.

Deadpool by Wizyakuza

You never see the nippie dagger placement in the comics anymore cause, well. long story short I've only got two nipples now. My buddy cable has four.

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video game logic skyrim comic

Skyrim logic - I love it when I can see my arrow sticking out of an NPCs throat and "It must have been the wind" still comes out of it's mouth.

XD Lydia, carry everything while I go be majestic.

The life of a Housecarl. I admit I do this to poor Lydia all the time. No wonder she sounds so annoyed when you ask her to carry stuff.

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Skyrim logic. I'm guilty of doing this just for fun.

Haha my brother used to play this game (Skyrim) and thought this sequence of events was hilarious.

Skyrim Logic: seems legit

Skyrim Logic: Stop the battle! I need to down 5 health potions, 17 apples, 6 salmon steaks, a bowl of cabbage Apple stew and 2 whole roasted birds!