Picture a section of a wall covered in mirror house design interior decorators design office de casas design

The Collect Cabinet // A2.

The Highlights Of Stockholm Design Week 2013

The 'Collect' cabinet of is characterised by its beautiful leather doors. Limited to only 81 cabinets


What a beautiful mirror! I may have found the one for our master bathroom Idea for hall mirror

Harold Ancart - Xavier Hufkens

Oh, I love this design (though I might knock my knee on the left support and stub my toe on the right.sometimes modernism & minimalism can be painful for the less coordinated among us).

Cat rug by Jean Jullien

Lili Cat Rug by French graphic designer Jean Jullien ~ Available at Les Manuactures d'Inopia

Oversized Wire Baskets

A+R Store - Oversized Wire Baskets - Product Detail Love the bright colors.