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Only band geeks will get this one. Hahaha <<<<<Not only band geeks.<<I really hate when people put 'only band geeks will.' it's just no not only they know stuff about music

LIFE without MUSIC Guitar Quote Digital Print (Various Color Options) Music Wall Art, Music Print, Guitar Print, Music Home Decor (life without music would be flat)

"When you sing once, you pray twice."  --St. Augustine

Health Benefits of Singing. Sing in the shower. Sing along with the contestants of those tv shows. Sing along with the radio. Singing has health benefits! Very interesting.

Classical Music Flashmob

Flashmob Flash Mob - Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony classical music. Amazing and moving "flashmob" style symphony.

Mussorgsky, "Pictures at an Exhibition," orchestrated by Maurice Ravel. Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Giulini.  The complete work.

Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition (Orchestrated by Maurice Ravel Philharmonia Orchestra Conductor: Carlo Maria Giulini Fil.