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Vajra Stylianou
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This is edited I just tried it out myself and dan was no where near that close to phil<<< and also the best part is you can tell how photoshopped that is like if you're going to do it make it at least look like a goddamn kiss thanks

I can't...

Of course their merch would make someone question their existence whilst being pretty to look at. Always on brand those two.<<<<I own this backpack and I can in fact confirm this happens

Um, excuse me title, is not just Dan okay, it's frickLE FRACKLE PHIL TOO. ITS BOTH YOU TWAT

I have a feeling if I ever got it though, people would be like "Ladders?" And I'll just start singing Ladders and they'll look at me like I'm weird (which to be fair, I am lolz).

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Dan Howell

I don't care for the girl cough*bitch*cough in this picture stealing my dan away from me>>Dan belongs to Phil

Dan why

Accidental model Dan Howell>>> And sometimes not-so-accidental<-- this occurrence happens most often when Phil is on the other side of the camera tbh.