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a person holding two small beaded animals on their fingers, one is yellow and the other is white
Зайчик в комбинезоне из бисера
a hand holding a keychain with a green and brown beaded animal on it
Мини стегозаврик
Мой инст polinas.sun
Model, Women, Stylish, Outfit, Giyim
the beaded chain is hanging from a frame with red, green and white beads
DIY🎀Beaded Cute Bows Bracelet with Seed Bead|リボンブレスレットの作り方♪テグス編み|ちょうちょ結び|choker|tutorial|bowknot
two small blue and green beads are in the palm of someone's hand
Салли и Вазовски
Сделала героев из корпорации монстров из бисера. Подробнее в нашей группе Вконтакте
шикарные серëжки💖
three different types of beaded rings on fingers
Crown Beaded Ring: Seed Bead Crown Ring Tutorial
Jewelry Design, Jewels, Dope Jewelry, Jewerly
Mini Tutorial . Si quieres aprender más ve al link del perfil 💜💜💜💪.
the teddy bear ring is made out of beads
【Flat Teddy Bear Ring -1- Head】 後ろがフラットなテディベアを作ろう