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Zimbabwe: Mupotohayi (Chimodho)

Mupotohayi also known as chimodho, is basically a form of cornmeal bread that is common in Zimbabwe.

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Kapenta. Matemba recipe.

There are many ways of preparing Kapenta but today we are going to learn how to cook Kapenta the most common way, that is by frying.

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Zimbabwe homemade eat pies
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Homemade Meat Pies from scratch | ZimboKitchen

Zimbabwe homemade eat pies

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Top 10 Most Popular Food In Zimbabwe

It is known that most countries have a favorite or national dish. Just like we do here in Zimbabwe. The following most food are the most popular foods in Zimbabwe. These are foods worth trying and wor

Simba Potato Chips - Salt & Vinegar

1 kg = 20.40 € Simba Potato Chips, made from the finest potatoes and seasonings to give you the tastiest crisps - 125gr Ingredients: Potatoes, refined vegetable oil (palm fruit & maize germ) with TBHQ, salt, flavouring (E262), corn flour, acidity regulator (E330), maltodextrin, vegetable oil (coconut), anticaking agent (E551), flavour enhancers (E627, E631)